30-Day Katekyo Hitman Reborn Challenge

Kinda late to jump into the bandwagon, but I really want to do this!

Day 25: Saddest Moment/Episode

Most definitely, Target 28 of the anime and its equivalent in the manga, when Xanxus’ cruel plan to have Tsuna kill Timoteo is revealed. It’s not just for what happened in the episode; it’s everything that I imagine led to this point. 

Nearing the end of his life, Timoteo looks back on all that he has done and wishes to make amends with his estranged child before it is too late. He understands that a reconciliation with Xanxus is next to impossible, and that his efforts may very well end in tragedy, but sentimentality gets the better of him. He is old, and he only wants to die without regrets. So he abandons all reason and secretly harnesses the power of the Vongola rings to undo the magic that he himself had cast on his son many years ago. 

Everything goes wrong from there. As expected, Xanxus’ anger has not waned in the eight years he had been frozen. He still hates his adoptive father. He still wants his revenge. Timoteo, on the other hand, no longer has the spirit to fight against his son for a second time. He has no room for more remorse in his life, so he lets Xanxus have his way. Timoteo does not resist, not when Xanxus forces him to sign documents meant to divide the family, and not when Xanxus binds him to the very weapon designed to further the chaos.

After all, Timoteo may love the Vongola, but he also loves his son. He decides to act, for once in his life, as a father and not as Boss. With a heavy heart, he leaves the fate of the family in the hands of his chosen heir, and hopes that Tsunayoshi-kun can make everything right.

Xanxus brings the Gola Mosca to each Battle of the Ring. It soothes his anger even just a little to know that the old man suffers to witness the family in chaos. Xanxus forces his adoptive father to watch firsthand as the Varia crushes Sawada’s group one by one. He wants the old man to blame himself for the carnage. It’s all his fault, after all. If only he hadn’t made a fool of Xanxus, if only he had made Xanxus Boss, if only Xanxus had been his real son, then nobody would have had to die and the Vongola could have stayed united.

And Tsuna, he had been dragged into this mess by heritage. It’s not as if he wants to be Boss. He is a simple person with simple dreams. He only wishes to protect the people he loves, so they can spend happy, laid-back days together.

With that goal in mind, Tsuna charges the Gola Mosca harassing his friends, only to find out in shock that he had been lured to kill a hostage. It’s not just any hostage either. It’s a man he had known as a child, a part of his family. As Tsuna watches the Vongola Nono’s Flame grow fainter, he cries and wonders why this tragedy has to happen.

Images are from Target 55 of the anime. 

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